Vaccines or Autism: Which came first?


This year alone, approximately 46,000 children will be diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder – that’s more than pediatric AIDS, juvenile diabetes, and childhood cancer combined.[5]Norma Erickson, Contributor

Activist Post

There is no getting around it – Autism Spectrum Disorders have become a national health crisis of epic proportions in the United States. Autism has become everyone’s problem. If you are not yet personally affected, chances are you or a family member soon will be.

The autism spectrum[1] is a complex developmental disorder that affects how a person behaves, interacts with others, communicates, and learns. There is no clearly defined set of symptoms, no known cause, few effective treatments, and no known cure. A diagnosis of autism presents the equivalent of a life sentence without parole to the victim and their family.

Parents of those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders have fought for decades to get someone to look…

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