Gluten Free Pizza


Gluten free pizza crust, hormone free cheese, organic sauce, herbs, onions, peppers, and spinach. Delish! GF cooking can be amazing! Who needs wheat?


2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Pizza

    • Oh trust me, I know how that is! Especially, when we were eating gluten and loved bread, the switch was terrible! All of the GF bread was grainy, fell apart, dense, and small! Bricks of expensive sand is what I told my wife. We found a brand that was okay. Its called, “Tapioca Loaf,” but they also make “Brown Rice Loaf” and Im sure more (Ener-G I think is another name on the bag). But the best GF bread loaf we have found is honestly, Whole Foods brand GF Sandwich bread- in the GF frozen section. Its not organic, but what can ya do? Oh, its just as pricey, but real size loaf of bread and isn’t grainy. It makes great frensh toast or regular toast!

      As far as pizza crust. Bobs Red Mill pizza crust, cookies, brownie, and cake are actually really quite good. If you do get the pizza crust before I can post about it, make sure you use wet hands to spread it on parchment paper (on a cookie sheet is what we did) do not use a rolling pin. GF dough is suppperr sticky before cooked, so beware!

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