The New Wave Of Healthcare

This site has been up for less than a week, But there have been a handful of searches from Bing Yahoo and Google. This page has shown up and has been viewed by over 10 people on the searches. I know that is small but I find that significant. This means that people all across the world and the country are trying to find answers for themselves. They want to learn more about their bodies and how to take care of it to be less reliant on doctors and healthcare. Or should I say, ‘Sickcare?’ I find it interesting that as soon as doctors and modern medicine fail them, the people then turn to alternative sources as a last ditch effort. Why can’t we coexist together, alternative medicine and modern medicine? Once people start realizing that self learning and complimentary medicine can be just as equal or better than modern medicine for fraction of the cost and more self-fulfillment, things will start to change.

There have been two topics that have been searched for on the search engines that this page has shown up and 1 of them is about gluten and grains along with gluten-free cooking, the other is aspartame and its dangers. Diet drinks. This is huge! I just want to say thank you to all of you out there that are searching and learning! What we have been told for years is not necessarily the truth. And that’s unfortunate. Keep questioning. Keep learning. Thank you!


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