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Herbs and Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

I have read a bunch of articles talking about different herbs and supplements to take for anxiety.  With the modern world getting more and more chaotic its important to understand the physiology of the human mind and how stress works with the subconscious. Many people can’t sleep well at night, or sleep but are still dragging inthe morning. So they run to their MD and get prescriptions that knock them out. I have used Benadryl before many a time and have thought that my tiredness the next day was a hang over type thing. In reality, the drug doesn’t let my brain go into true REM sleep. It sedates me to make me think I’m sleeping good, but my body isn’t recharging at all. This same type of effect happens with prescriptions. Plus, they usually become addictive and now you can’t sleep good and you are addicted to this med.  Is this what you really want?? No. When we come back to non modern times and look at whats growing around us, we can see there are many plants and roots that can give out bodies the same effect without (usually) causing addiction or withdrawal.

I do believe that everyone is different and a cookie-cutter prescription is wrong. How Benadryl affects me is different than my wife. I get very sleepy, and she can continue on her day. Herbs can be just like drugs. Did you know that even now, most modern meds begin with natural plants, and then are synthesized into the finished pharmaceutical?  Also, I do believe that “Eat Right 4 Your Type” book by D’Adamo has a point. Again, everyone is different so I don’t think that if you A Type, than all of the “avoid” section is true. But it could be. You must listen to your body and see how things feel and change as you go through a lifestyle change journey.  Below are some links that I have found helpful and/or herbs that I personally have used and liked.

Kava Kava Root is a great herb (root) that calms anxiety and relaxes the body.  My Uncle used a prescription drug that caused severe anxiety.  It was ruining his life. His MD put him on other anti-anxiety drugs to just make things worse. Finally, he found Kava. Got off the meds and now uses Kava as an anti-anxiety “med.”  He uses Gaia brand and really likes it! I have not used theirs personally, but I have used Kona Kava Farm based in Hawaii.  They’re a family run operation that knows of the dangers with using the wrong part of the Kava plant (stems and leaves are poisonous and damage the liver, while root is 100% safe).  They are a great company to go through and the owner will email you with any questions you have! Kona Kava Farm I do think that going through the long process of using the root and mixing it with the water and then the strainer bags.  This is close to the original way and I think works best. (Gaia pill form seemed to work great though)

“In 2001, Duke University Medical Center doctors conducted two studies on kava extract. One study showed that kava is safe for the liver, causing no noticeable problems. The other study (A placebo-controlled study of Kava in generalized anxiety disorder.) showed that kava extract is as effective for the treatment of anxiety as the benzodiazepine class of drugs without the hazards caused by those drugs. …”
An excerpt taken from Fox News showing a scientific study of Kava.”

The Fox News Health article also talks more in detail about Passionflower herb and Lemon Balm.  A great video about these herbs.


2 thoughts on “Herbs and Supplements for Stress and Anxiety

  1. I agree! They can be wonderful, especially together! There are many herbs that can help reduce stress and tension. Chamomile, skullcap, panax ginseng, rhodiola, astragalus, and eleuthero are others, although some of these are adaptogenic and not as acute, but they’re still great! A few also energize the immune system. Thank you for posting! 🙂

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