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Organic Grass Fed Beef, Healthy Real Beef

Once I switched over to grass fed beef and learned about the true differences I was shocked. The complete difference in flavor, color, aroma, and fats where astonishing. While the farm we got our beef from had a sulfur type earthy aroma, I had to get used to that. But once cooked and in a meal, it was fantastic! Sometimes its not too much more money than conventional beef but much much better for you! The article below explains the udder differences (pun intended) in the two meats. The cows are generally much happier, live better lives, and are grown and lived as they are meant to live. Not on grains! Grains = sugar and bacteria grow and thrive in sugar.

Organic grass fed is the best option. You can rest assured that the beef is a clean and unadulterated as possible (still look into the farm to make sure it has solid credibility).  Take some time and buzz through the article. Its worth it….

Organic Grass Fed Beef | Healthy Real Beef –


2 thoughts on “Organic Grass Fed Beef, Healthy Real Beef

  1. Sometimes if I have to choose between organic OR grass-fed (which happens when you are on a budget like us!), I choose grass-fed. To me, that’s the most like what God intended, and you can’t really go wrong with grass!

    I love that you guys are getting the word out about REAL nutrition!

    • I was sick of hearing about “diets” and how the normal way is the only true way to be healthy. So we dug in and did out research. Thats what this blog is about! In many cases, pastures of grass dont need help to grow so generally they’re “organic.” E coli grows where sugar is present: grains. If the cow eats what its supposed to, grass and not grains, bad bacteria really dont grow. Therefore, you have healthier cows and natural fertilizers. We do buy organic beef if grass fed isnt available but would always buy grass fed if its there.

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