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The Side Effects Of Splenda Sweetener

While I don’t like using Livestrong for other personal reasons,  this article serves its purpose and is my ally in this debate. So read it and learn. Its talking about Splenda (sucralose) and how it can damage the body and cause many more problems than regular sugar. As I have seen and heard from people, they now consume 2-3x more ‘diet’ beverages than normal because they are zero calorie. “No regrets,” they say. So instead of drinking water with lemon juice (organic) or water itself, people are guzzling down chemicals. Please citizens of Earth, open your eyes! Stop trusting the government and FDA so much and read journals, articles, testimonies, and listen to your body/common sense.

Please, read this article and keep searching for the truth about fake sweeteners.

“Sucralose, popularly known in the market as SPLENDA Sweetener, is a non-calorie sweetener used as a substitute for common table sugar. According to the official website of SPLENDA, many people consider this artificial sweetener as a healthy option for those patients who want to cut their caloric content. SPLENDA gives food a taste 600 times sweeter than sugar. As mentioned in a study published by “AAOHN Journal” in June 2008, sugar serves as the parent molecule of sucralose. However, unlike sugar, sucralose passes the intestine undigested and unabsorbed. …”  (much more scary information in the link- keep reading!)

via The Side Effects Of Splenda Sweetener | LIVESTRONG.COM.


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