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Warning: 3 Fast Food Ingredient Secrets


Lisa Garber
Dec 12, 2012

While many of us live a largely sedentary lifestyle, the United States remains a highly mobile society, addicted to the road and high-speed, demanding daily schedules—hence, our addiction to fast food. The convenience of this food, however, comes at a high price belying its reputation as the food of the masses. The ingredients in these foods, unfortunately, make the exchange little more than murder.

Some Kidney Damage with your Wendy’s Frosty?

There’s little more comforting when you’re on the road than a long sip of wholesome ice cream and milk. And about a dozen other ingredients, as it turns out.

You can count guar gum, cellulose gum, and carageenan (which has a checkered past) in that list of ingredients, and those are just the thickening agents. Mercury-inclusive high-fructose corn syrup and several others sugars and oils linked to high blood pressure are…

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