» Beef Jerky Made At Home

I have been craving jerky for some time now, but I can’t stand the prices of the stuff in the stores! Plus, most of them are filled with questionable ingredients and the meat itself probably is the most iffy. This recipe is simple and can easily be done at home when you’re just hanging around the house all day. It also gives you the options to change things up and flavor as you like it. It may end up costing the same as the bagged kind from the store but you can control it all. I would make sure all flavoring is organic and the beef is grass-fed.  This will give you the best quality jerky! Yum! Once I try it, I will be sure to get pictures up on here (most likely a separate page).  Enjoy and have fun!

“Smoky Beef Jerky

Paleo beef jerky recipe – from Against All Grain

While a lot of children awoke on Christmas morning to stockings full of toys (or socks and underwear!), my Grandma always stuffed ours with little homemade treats. We of course got the toys and practical items like clothes when we opened the packages, but my favorite thing to find in my stocking was her homemade beef jerky. To be honest, I actually have no idea what she used to marinate it in and really should ask her! Grandma I know you’re reading this, so let’s swap recipes soon!

I’ve loved jerky of any kind ever since, be-it turkey, beef, or even the bear jerky that a friend let us try one time in Colorado when I was growing up. I had never made it though until last year when I actually started scrutinizing the labels of the packages I was buying. There’s quite a few brands out there now that use healthy ingredients; but I find it is still easier, cheaper, and more flavorful to just make own at home. There will be a couple of different flavors in my new cookbook next Fall, but for now, here is our go-to Smoky Beef Jerky. I keep it in the pantry for those days when I need a salty snack or am on the run and don’t have time to fix lunch. …”

via » Smoky Beef Jerky Against All Grain.


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