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Rethink Lifestyles

So today I was in the checkout line at Whole Foods, and right before I had to pay, I handed the check out lady my wad of coupons, and she said “You purchased all of these items today?” as though she has never seen such a large pile of coupons before. This had me thinking I was onto something! She asked where I get them from, and my good ole straight-to-the-point self said “internet.” Then a lady came up behind me in line, and was also shocked about my big stack of coupons (Whole Foods doesnt have the best couponing system, so I have heard from the poor workers who have to type in all my coupons, therefore it was taking awhile.) So I finally told her some of the websites I use, and they both had out a pen and paper scribbling down every word I was saying. Needless…

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