Fake Sweeteners

More Aspartame Dangers

Heres another post from a blog I was reading and it includes links and resources to information about artificial sweeteners and how it is terrible for you! Good quick read.

“So last week I was watching Hungry for a Change, a documentary on what makes up our current everyday diets etc., and they made from very frightening points concerning a chemical found in diet sodas (and other foods) called aspartame.

I already knew that it had addictive components, though I always assumed that it was just the caffeine (which is not good for you to begin with) but apparently that is not completely the case.

“Nothing does it in your brain quite like a diet cola. That’s because there’s a deadly combination there of aspartame and caffeine and those two together create a unique blend of excito-toxins” says Dr. Christiane Northrup – Hungry for Change.

Those two together create an excito-toxin which basically, and this is what got me, kills off your braincells. But before they do, they offer a burst of pleasure in your brain. But just like any drug, you become habituated to it.

Something that they brought up about diet cola addicts, mainly women, is that while on a diet, they won’t eat and instead will opt for that next buzz of diet cola. Also, why it inevitably doesn’t work, is because the artificial sweeteners in diet colas (and other dietary “sugar free” products) actually “cause carbohydrate cravings.” …”

via Aspartame: Ward off those diet soda pops! | My Road to Longevity.


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