You Will Probably Lose A Negotiation If Its Before…

So my mind was just blown.  Que explosion sounds. I stumbled upon this young guy whose marketing and strategies are brilliant!! This guy could turn around SO many business I had to share! The first video I watched makes so much sense! As a salesperson by heart, I wish I had known this years ago!  When you are hungry and someplace with sales people…aren’t you usually grumpy?? I am! Because we are, as Derek called it, “H-angry.”  Loved the play on words! You have to watch his videos and ready some of his article.

So maybe you’re not in sales as a job.  You are a sales person though.  We all are one.  We all negotiate at some time or another.  Single? In a bar or on a first date, we are negotiating a connection.  Just moved in someplace and want to meet new people? You bumped into someone at the mail box or at the door, boom, negotiation for friendship.  This guy can change everything we do/say/act.  I may obsess about this.



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