Severe Stress Can Raise Your Heart Attack Risk

Great article about how what we do in our lifestyles can affect our health.  Its imperative we get a handle on it now.


“By Dr. Mercola

Your stress level is a major player in your overall health, impacting your risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease, depression and obesity.

But unlike other more obvious risk factors, like over-indulging in junk food or not exercising, stress is more insidious, subtly sneaking up on you over time, increasing your risk of health problems even as you don’t noticeably feel sick or realize that your late-night work habits and financial worries are slowly zapping away your vitality.

That said, you may very well feel stressed, and if you do, this is a warning sign that should not be ignored.

People Who Believe Their Health Is Affected By Stress Are Twice as Likely to Have a Heart Attack

In a recent study of stressed individuals, those who said that their health was “extremely” affected by stress had more than twice the risk of having or dying from a heart attack, compared to those who believed stress had no impact on their health.

This could mean that these individuals were highly in tune with their bodies, and correctly perceived that stress was wearing them down. On the other hand, it could also be an example of the mind-body connection, in that if you believe stress is harming your health, it increases the likelihood that it will.

Either way, this is a significant increase in heart attack risk, so if you currently feel stressed to the point that you believe it is affecting your health, it’s time to take stress relief very seriously.

Severe Stress Can Raise Your Heart Attack Risk by 21 Times …”

via Severe Stress Can Raise Your Heart Attack Risk.


2 thoughts on “Severe Stress Can Raise Your Heart Attack Risk

  1. In support of your findings here, there’s this great book written by a medical doctor (a heart specialist) who was able to get heart patients off their meds by putting them on a twice-daily meditation regimen. The book is called “The Relaxation Response.” It’s a great read, and gives the most essential ingredients of successful meditation from a scientific perspective. Meditation is a terrific way to lower stress for those who can’t change their circumstances. My Naturopath said that adrenaline is the worst toxin of all when you are trying to “detox” your lifestyle! Great article!

    • Thank you! That would make sense since detoxing is takes a lot out of a person. Adrenaline and cortisol change the way the body responds to normal stimuli. Coping and behavior is changed when under chronic stress. Meditation can do wonders especially with deep breathing and Qigong. Thanks for the comment and book recommendation!

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