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The Dark Side of “Diet” Drinks

Oh come on now, 0 calories, 0 sugar to rot your teeth, its carbonated sweet tasting water! No. Its basically poison in a pretty bottle.  It is not natural, it changes out bodies, and ulitmately, it will cause damage and illness.

“Published in the journal Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, the report argues that artificially sweetened beverages are not only linked with ill health effects similar to those associated with consuming regular soda – but they may even cause worse long term health outcomes.

“In lots of ways, (artificial sweeteners) have been given the benefit of the doubt just because they don’t have any calories,” lead author Susan Swithers, of the department of psychological sciences and ingestive behavior research center at Purdue University, told

Researchers have noted a correlation between diet soda consumption and poor health for years, but Swithers maintained that the link has never been thoroughly examined.

“The typical response has been to dismiss this from the perspective of, ‘It’s only people who are unhealthy or heavy who drink diet soda in the first place,’” Swithers said.

However, Swithers and her colleagues hypothesize that behavioral explanations aren’t fully to blame. In fact, based on an analysis of research, they predict that artificial sweeteners may actually train people’s brains and bodies to react differently when they taste something sweet…”


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