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Organic India Teas

I have been wanting to get into more teas lately.  I have been off coffee for so long that when I have more than 6 oz I get all jittery and anxious.  It doesn’t sit well with me anymore, but there is times I wish I had some “pick me up.”  I have found that teas like black, green, of white (Camellia Sinensis) are common and traditionally work well and can be tweaked with fruit juices or other herbal flowers.  Recently, I was given a sample of Organic India Tulsi and loved it! In a class I took, it talked about Tulsi and how amazing it is for the body.  It is held as one of the best herbs in the Indian and Ayurvedic culture.

We need to drink organic tea instead of conventional.  Its not for the controversial GMO scenario, but mainly for the workers, the community in that location, the quality of the leaves, sustainability, and the toxins like pesticides that are on the teas.  We do not want these in our bodies.  It will completely be counter-intuitive to our health journey.

As with all of my recommended companies, their reputation and standards are great and it shows in their product.

Organic India Tea or


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