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Welcome to our page! We have tossed around the idea of making one to help publish all of our research and learning to the world so we all can make better informed decisions on foods, life, and health. This is just a start to our webpage!  More to come in this ‘About Me’ section, too.

Meanwhile, I can add a bit about myself and why we are taking time to build this page.  My wife and I are not an old couple, not parents, but we have family that we love dearly. Growing up as a child I learned ways to eat right and how to avoid getting sick. But only a few years ago did I really open my eyes to a whole world of information that is really kept dark and secretive to us for some unknown reason. Maybe because it doesn’t bring in millions of dollars a year? Maybe because if you are healthy then you can’t pay someone for “healthcare” costs? It started when my wife contracted some sort of food poisoning.  I saw her go through this torturing pain twice since we’ve been together. It forced me to learn about food in depth.

We were a regular American family. Ate a S.A.D. (Standard American Diet- ironic its called, ‘Sad’) but I was gaining weight even before we met. So we brought in healthier food choices. You know, more veggies, salads, ate less meat, lowered our sugar intake, etc.  This seemed to help a little bit. We were still getting our usual colds and such. My memory has never been very good. In school, it was hard for me to learn. At this stage in life as we were learning about food, I was in college. We read articles about organic food and how it was supposed to be better for you! So, we searched out some organic veggies and fruits, also adding in supplements like multi-vit, vit c, and d. Meanwhile, I had tweaked my shoulder and started seeing a chiropractor. This guy is the major start of the life change! He talked about how is 2 kids never had been very sick, how they ate, how vaccines don’t truly help the body, etc. We started looking into this new world.

My wife and I had already had all out immunizations at this point in life so we were beyond that. But we don’t do  annual shots like flu. Regardless of the myths…have you seen the ingredient panel? It is nasty!(www.cdc.gov/vaccines/parents/vaccine-decision/ingredients.html) Formaldehyde. Aluminum salts. Preservatives. Antibiotics. Seriously? Just to maybe protect me from only 4 strains of flu. (more on this in the blogs). We decided to look at our bodies as natural God given healing forces! Food can heal us as they did for thousands and thousands of years!

So over the course of about 1.5 years we started the transition over to organic food. Within the first week, we cut out all processed meats (cheap deli meats, hot dogs, microwave foods, etc) and brought in organic veggies along with our daily routine of vitamins. I also planted a patio garden (within soil there are natural probiotics).  We started taking a probiotic but it turned out to not be very good (learned that when we switched to Natren brand-wonderful brand!)

Needless to say, my memory became so much better and more clear, I started losing weight, sleeping better at night, and hardly ever got sick! My wife had the same reactions! Also, during this time we came down with what we think to be tracheitis. After 2 long grueling months of this and doctors not helping at all…what finally helped? The addition of raw garlic. Within 2 weeks of adding it to our dinners-no more tracheitis. This was it for us…foods heal!

Now, skipping ahead 2 yrs, I am enrolled in a college again going for a degree in complimentary alternative medicine. Learning about herbalism, wellness coaching, holistic nutrition, and aromatherapy. The information I’m obtaining from this school is incredible. It is not a walk in the park. There is so much to learn. But it is so fun and motivational! This is why we are starting this blog.

As I learn about this field and how our bodies work better with non traditional thinking (like cutting out wheat and grains, adding in quinoa and gluten free items) we start to become true to ourselves. Herbs are very powerful. I never knew growing up, but using them as a medicine instead of pharma drugs, its true. Currently, I have a degree and registration  in cardiovasvular ultrasound and work in the hospital and healthcare system along side cardiologists and hospitalists, daily. I see daily how this field can help people, but 100% of the time it comes down to the patient needing to help themselves before and after receiving the information from the doctors. No matter how much you go to a doctor…you need to help yourself.  An apple a day keeps the doctor away…what ever happened to this thinking?? Learn about our bodies, what we put in it, how to truly take care of it, and it will take care of itself (us).

I’m sure I will add more to this ‘About Me’ section in time, but this is a start to show you my credentials. Please, follow this blog, comment, like, and share with me and the world your experiences and we can all help each other learn.  Thank you for visiting!


Im Lyn, Dustin’s wife. He has been doing most of the blogging, and I am going to start too and thought I should introduce myself. Dustin is the storyteller of the family, so as you have read, you know most of our story. I am more of the “straight to the point” person in this relationship, so Im going to get straight to the point. I love to dance, therefore am really into exercising and having fun while doing it! Because I have chosen teaching it as a career path, I HAVE to be taking good care of my body if I want to work for awhile! Being a dancer has really helped me to be in tune with my body, and to listen to its needs. (Dustin, on the other hand, is getting there! It took a LOT of convincing to get him to where he is today, so dont give up on your significant other if they just reallllly cant part with that bag of chips! I didn’t, and now he is going to school for Alternative Medicine! Miracles CAN happen!) As you can see, we are a very normal couple- I love shopping and painting my nails (pick your poison!) and you would never know we are “hippies” by looking at us. Just because you want to change your lifestyle doesnt mean you need to dress a certain way, or all of a sudden need dreads (more power to you though if you got them!) We are just normal people, who are passionate about the body, and love to learn. I am the gluten-free one (Dustin is too, but by choice for him, I have to be) and we have all kinds of information on that, recipes, how it can affect your body, anything and everything. We have done extensive research on LOTS of stuff, not just gluten free, but vaccines, and cancer, and different therapies, and allergies, and even how to make your own make up. So ask away! 🙂 We feel like we have so much information and not many people to share it with- which is where you come in! I have lots more to tell, but dont want to give it all away here! Will write more soon! I look forward to blogging with you. 🙂



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