All content and posts provided to the reader are merely opinion, thoughts, or self found research and are for informational purposes only.  Rethink Lifestyles  is not liable for any errors or availability of its information, although, links and references are kept public knowledge as best as possible. Rethink Lifestyles, its authors, or guest commentators, will not be held liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from use of the information given within the website and blog. These conditions are subject for additions and changes at any time.

As for information regarding herbs, use of herbs, fish oil, or any nutritional guidance, the given information stated within has not been evaluated by the FDA nor has the FDA cleared it for treatments or cures of diseases, nor is the author a registered dietician, unless otherwise stated.

According to FTC Law, Rethink Lifestyles must disclose that it may be receiving potential benefits from your purchase when clicking and buying through the referral links for: Tropical Traditions. Regardless, this company’s products are ones that I would suggest and use for my own family due to its standards, safety, and company motive.

Any mention of a location, name, product, or item on the market is strictly informational or learned by first hand experience.

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