Gluten Free

Gluten Free And You

It may seem like a fad diet, and to some it could be. Media even tends to swing in the direction that if you’re gluten free you are over spending on needless things and its not even healthy! Such a lie. There is a giant list of issues that gluten can cause people and it doesn’t always have to be in the gut. Like for myself, when I eat wheat (especially too much of it) I feel bloated, internally congested, heavy, and worst of all- I start acting like I’m in a ragweed field. Sinus pressure, running/itchy nose, scratchy throat. For years, I always thought I was having a reaction to allergies like pollen, dust, etc. While I am still allergic to those things, they’ve greatly reduced since being off wheat and gluten! I came through this autumn with 1 week of slight itchiness. That is huge to me! The previous autumn I wanted to rip my face off! Now, I do see an acupuncturist that does NAET and a chiropractor. Both of these can and do help with allergies and sensitivities.

Getting off topic. This blog and page will be filled with articles and recipes about gluten and gf cooking. Its a big part of my families life and its not hard to incorporate into your life.

Don’t think you’re gluten intolerant? Think wheat doesn’t both you? Do your research or contact me about gluten in foods, go off all gluten for 2-3-weeks and see what happens. If you feel no changes anywhere -waist size, body aches, sinuses, etc- then good for you. Chances are you’ll notice a change somewhere. Try it!

3 thoughts on “Gluten Free

  1. Hi and welcome! No, you’re not alone! Being GF isn’t as simple as avoiding grains and their flours sometimes. Like corn and oats can both people too but then again sometimes not bother others. We can eat corn just fine by my wife cannot do wheat or the like. I used to think I couldnt eat corn until we switched to organic. I used to get terrible shooting upper stomach pains and sweats. But organic is 100% okay. We think its the Bt toxin in the GMO corn along with the pesticide/herbicides. I’d be curious to see how organic vs. conventional affects you? We honestly like GF better. Theres very few things you can’t make GF. Qunoa, teff, amaranth, almond, sorghum, potato, garbonzo, oat (sometimes), buckwheat, and coconut can all be made into flours and used in substitute for wheat flours. We don’t avoid carbs thats for sure! But to each their own. Me personally, as soon as I dropped gluten, I lost 10 lbs. Ive now lost close to 35lbs in 2 yrs without changing much outside foods (now at ideal weight). Good for you avoiding gluten! Try and make things that are your downfall in the gluten category and make them with GF. You can get the satisfaction but leave your system feeling good still. Thank you for the comment! πŸ™‚

    • Unfortunately, my system seems to be sensitive to almost all carbs and sugars, so GF replacements only work for me on a really limited basis, if at all. It’s the glucose more than the grain itself that my body objects to, although wheat is definitely the worst, and I have an easier time with corn, as you do.

      I find I feel best if I just cut out almost all carbs, sugars, and grains during the week (which keeps me rail-thin and rarely hungry, too). Then once a week I can have some grains, if I drink a small amount of liquor with them to slow my body down enough to accept the carbs and not overreact too much.

      This seems to work better and better the more I stick to it, so I think my metabolism is improving in general as I avoid carbs most of the time. It’s the only system I’ve found in twenty years that both keeps me feeling good and not too deprived. If I had to stick to my carb-free diet every single day, I’d just go nutso. πŸ™‚

  2. I avoid gluten for the most part, as well as other grains, flours, and carbs. I seem to be very sensitive to most of them. But I eat them maybe once a week, so as not to feel entirely deprived. That system seems to work for me.

    Can’t do it more often than that, though, or they would make me quite ill. Obviously I’m not the only one! πŸ™‚

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